Hero of January: ”Journalist”


“Journalist“ before the full scale war worked as a journalist in one of the leading Ukrainian tv channels. Highlighted evens from the Revolution of Dignity , Anti-terrorist Operation and Joint Forces operations.

He standing in defense of Ukraine from February 24th.

Two years ago “ Journalist” decided for himself that time came to “ get ready for war”. He signed up as a volunteer fighter on February 24th right away. Two weeks before the draft to the army he and his friend were volunteering. The first fight in which he was part of, was taking place in Kyiv region. It was fight for Brovary. After his battalion was clearing out Kyiv region and soon after the forests of Chernihiv. From June until the middle of October together with his combat brothers he was defending Bakhmut. There he got injured and had a concussion.

Before going to the East he was training and teaching the soldiers from his battalion and local territorial defense.

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