"Warriors of light"

The foundation All4Ukraine offering everyone who wants to get a gift for themselves or friends in the new year to buy our calendar. When you purchase our calendar “ Warriors of Light” you automatically joining the fundraising for the 14 vehicles for Ukrainian military.

In 2023, we released a calendar with the military that we support together with you. Check out the stories of our heroes:

Hero of January: ”Journalist”

“Journalist“ before the full scale war worked as a journalist in one of the leading Ukrainian tv channels. Highlighted evens from the Revolution of...

Hero of February: ”Borisivna”

“Borisivna” wanted all her life to save people. And after the retirement made her dream a reality.

After studying in the volunteer medical b...

Hero of March: ”Oleksii”

Oleksii started his way of the warrior in 2014. When he stood up for the defense of the our Homeland. After being injured and going through a diffi...

Hero of April: ”Genie”

«Genie» one of the people for who the russian-Ukrainian war started way back in 2014.

At the beginning of the Anti-terrorist Operation has w...

Hero of May: ”Bambi”

“Bambi” loving mother and happy wife. She had everything imaginable for happiness and than the full-scale war made her a volunteer.

Her suppo...

Hero of June: ”Countryman”

“Countryman“ family man, loving father of two children, successful entrepreneur who voluntarily enrolled into border troops in the first days of wa...

Hero of July: ”Jeweler”

“Jeweler “ is his nickname but it’s not only about his work at the frontlines. It’s also describes his career. He made and restored jewelry from pr...

Hero of August: ”Yoda”

“Yoda” was working as a deputy production manager in the furniture company “Blest“. He was building his career and his private life.


Hero of September: ”Shaman”

“Shaman” 25 years of his life dedicated to journalism, mostly television. He worked on radio and lead Ukrainian tv channels. He also wrote and publ...

Hero of October: ”OON”

“OON” is historian by major but paramedic by heart. Three years ago she decided that she has to help the military to the East of Ukraine. After she...

Hero of November: ”Monk”

“Monk” is the businessman that was born to the East of Ukraine by the sea. He lives in Kyiv and defending Ukraine in all directions.

At the b...

Hero of December: ”Black”

“Black” his combat experience started from the war in Afghanistan.

After coming back he continued to do service for Ukrainian people in the ...