Obligations undertaken by the volunteer organization in relation to the listed amounts

  1. The Charitable Foundation (hereinafter BF) verifies each application for credibility based on open sources.
  2. BF provides document management in accordance with legislation.
  3. BF collects voluntarily provided content from those in need of charitable assistance; processes content with graphic and video means.
  4. The Foundation organizes public fundraising in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
  5. Meetings on a separate project continue no longer than 3 months.
  6. The project is formed for each application for collecting donations from benefactors.
  7. BF volunteers look for reliable suppliers and organize logistics at favorable prices.
  8. BF distributes charitable donations according to their intended purpose. Donations without a specific purpose are distributed by the foundation's employees collegially at the general meeting.
  9. BF reserves the right to move the donation from one targeted application to another in case of cancellation or loss of relevance of the first application.
  10. BF reports on the progress of the meetings, their completion and provides photo reports on the implementation of the project and receipt of assistance by the applicant.