Hero of February: ”Borisivna”


“Borisivna” wanted all her life to save people. And after the retirement made her dream a reality.

After studying in the volunteer medical battalion «Hospitallers» she started to go on rotations from October 2021.

She was stationed in Mariupol region. On February 23rd she got her things ready and went on rotation. She didn’t have much contact with her loved ones. After March 2nd she stopped answering the phone calls and respond to messages. It went on like this for about 15 days. At that time her brigade was changing positions from “zero” to Mariupol and from there to «Azovstal».

On May 16th before exiting the “Azovstal” she sent her daughter a short message with one word“ Believe”. And all this time her relatives had hope. After it was five months of hell…

In the captivity this woman went through humiliation and psychological abuse. But she didn’t break and didn’t give up.

On October 17th she and 107 unbreakable women defenders came back home.

Today “Borisivna” continues to fight and goin through rehabilitation. She also taking care of a boy whose father is still in captivity.

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