Meet the Volunteer – Sergiy


We are thankful to each one of you. Who are joining the help for Ukrainian fighters ! Thank you to everyone that are working with our foundation All4Ukraine and who are helping other volunteers! We are all working for one goal- the Victory over our enemies!   Today we want to introduce you to one more amazing person, helper of our Ukrainian Armed Forces! He was the one that provided a pickup truck for our Ukrainian army!Trust us it is a very powerful help.– My name is Sergii. I’m Ukrainian entrepreneur. People I know needed a pickup truck to the frontlines. And I was looking for an opportunity to help them. My friend ( Olga Reshetilova ) recommended to get in touch with the foundation All4Ukraine. Because activists from this foundation have a great experience with finding, choosing vehicles and delivering to the frontlines. Me and my friends from the army didn’t have the opportunity to be engaged in custom registrations and other questions with delivery of the vehicle. I turned to foundation, explained the need and helped financially and in a few days very nice “Pajero” already was at the frontlines for our guys. The vehicle performed a lot of combat assignments: it was under enemy fire and it went where a lot of extremist wouldn’t even risk to go.I thank you and thank you from the fighters that were using this pickup truck by the Slovansk region. This car was very strong and durable. Truth be told it needs now a very pricy fixing , but it didn’t give up yet! Thank you to the foundation All4Ukraine for your work! All will be Ukraine!- told us Sergii.Sergii, what a happiness that we have patriots like You!  Without your help our defenders would be in difficult situation. Thank you for your sincere, good heart and unbelievable help!Friends please join the good deeds. There are many things that our army still need. And without you we will not succeed.Donate to foundation “All4Ukraine-Support Ukraine”: Paypal: 2941980@gmail.comGlory to Ukrainian Armed Forces! 

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