Пікап для воїнів з полку «Азов»


Not long ago our foundation transported a pickup truck for battalion “Azov” to the East region of Ukraine. It was very important to perform special operations. The vehicle is in place and ready to perform! The guys are passing along to how thankful they are to everyone that is helping! The heroes in the picture by the pickup truck , are at a very dangerous place right now but they are very optimistic! Their bravery and power only inspire us to continue to work and do everything in our power to make it easier for them to fight our enemy. We can’t let them down as we also believe in our victory! Friends , just for these guys we started the donation in the morning for two thermal vision googles. Time is running out , after all our enemy is not sleeping. Help our heroes from battalion “Azov” to destroy the evil sooner. Donate to : IBAN UA363348510000000026003123739 (USD/Euro/PLN) Paypal: 2941980@gmail.com Paysend: +380675036643 Slava to Ukraine! Slava to battalion Azov!

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