Walkie-talkies and first aid kits for James Vasquez

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One more unbelievable person that will go down in history for fighting for Ukrainian people for our the freedom and independence.

We want to introduce you to James Vasquez the American that without thought in his mind came up to defend our country!💪🇺🇦

When russia started the full scale invasion against Ukrainians, this young man went to fight for us as a volunteer. James fought at the frontlines and saw the cruelty of orcas. After everything he went through he decided to dedicate his life to Ukrainian people.

He went back to the United States to sell his house. Say good bye to his hobbies and came back to Ukraine to continue the fight for freedom.

Today James and his combat brothers in need of walkie-talkies and first aid kits. Friends let’s help our spirit brothers to fulfill this need!

We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts for every foreigner whose soul is hurting for our country. And specially those who shoulder to shoulder fighting for our independence.

Please repost this post and donate for James and his combat brothers for walkie-talkies and first aid kits🙏❤️.

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