Pickup truck for the 58th brigade

Date of application receipt: 2022-09-05

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In the first days of full scale invasion the whole world saw the highlights from Ukraine specially men going to military promises to sign up to go war. We are the nation of heroes that are not scared of anything. Specially when the it comes down to freedom and peaceful sky for our children.We want to tell you today about such a patriot .Cherkasy resident Oleksandr who together with his combat brothers in the first days of war volunteered to go to Ukrainian Armed Forces! He is serving in the 58th battalion. The guys are stationed now to the Donetsk region. We know that there is no point to tell you what a difficult situation is there now…The military needs a pickup truck as soon as possible. I’m sure that you do remember how much can be done with such a car at war, don’t you To drive that what we can’t talk about .. Drive in the places that better not to mention and evacuate our wounded defenders.Friends, please help our heroes to collect funds for a vehicle. They are the ones that holding Donetsk region and wouldn’t let our enemy to go further.Donate to foundation “All4Ukraine-Support Ukraine” :IBAN SK8111000000002936108536Sergii SavchenkoPaypal: 2941980@gmail.comGlory to Ukrainian Armed Forces!

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