On a Ukrainian-made drone

Date of application receipt: 2022-10-24

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Collected: $ 396.38  
Target: $ 2540.54

Friends, Today drones are one of the most popular requests from our military. ⠀

These devices are in demand amongst the military. Expensive and long waited. ⠀

Not long ago we had a conversation with Ukrainian developer Oleksiy Kinov. He offered to create a quadcopter by his own production. ⠀

The project is very interesting: the detail of the base is made by 3D and can be made by 3D printer. It’s also very functional and looks like a modular kit. You can use different cameras and additional devices. ⠀ The advantages of Ukrainian drones are good price, ( almost three times cheaper than Chinese analog). Quick delivery to the frontlines and Ukrainian made. ⠀

We decided to test this drone at work. We are opening a collection of funds for this development! ⠀

The whole amount $ 2530 ⠀

Friends let’s all invest in this cool invention 🙏❤️. ⠀

And very soon our own Banderabird ( drones) will kick out occupiers from our land. Donate to foundation “All4Ukraine-Support Ukraine”: ⠀

💳Paypal: 2941980@gmail.com

💳IBAN SK8111000000002936108536 Sergii Savchenko

💳Mono Bank: 4441114415967213 Sergii Savchenko (https://send.monobank.ua/4U7sbyZwLA)

💳Privat Bank: 5168755443067364 Tetiana Savchenko (https://cutt.ly/9Za0exL)

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