Cars for the 101st brigade

Date of application receipt: 2022-09-27

100 %
Collected: $ 4054.05  
Target: $ 4054.05

New day - new challenge!

Friends we received a request from the military brigade number 101. The defenders need a SUV truck as soon as possible.

We are convinced that we don’t have to remind why the vehicle is needed at the frontlines.

That’s why we are asking everyone to please join the collection of funds for this request and help our heroes with a car.

As hard as it is for us we can’t give up.

We have to do otherwise. With new strength we have to do everything possible so our guys would have at least little easier to fight for our freedom and independence.

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History of donations

Donator Sum ($) Date of donation Transfers
Зібрана сума 196.892022-09-28 10:58:02
Зібрана сума 1154.462022-09-30 11:02:04
202022-10-02 18:11:04
Зібрана сума 550.682022-10-05 10:49:52
Shelley Schneider252022-10-06 02:31:52
Зібрана сума 51.222022-10-06 10:50:59
Фонд "За покликом в серці"1621.622022-10-07 10:49:41
Зібрана сума 434.192022-10-07 10:52:37