Mavic 3 Combo for soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine

Date of application receipt: 2022-09-23

100 %
Collected: $ 2783.78  
Target: $ 2783.78

Friends we received a request from the fighters of the National Guard of Ukraine.

The guys need Banderabird ( drone) as soon as possible to complete combat assignments- Mavic 3 Combo 🦅🇺🇦.

It’s very hard at war without a drone. After all the drones are the eyes of our military in the sky that help to kick out russian evil from our land. That’s why we have to help the guys.

They raised half of the amount themselves.

We are joining the donations of funds for this request. And telling everyone to please donate the possible amount for the drone for our heroes.

Please don’t just pass by.

Every amount is important.

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History of donations

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Зібрана сума 248.382022-09-24 10:30:35
502022-09-24 13:33:43
Johannes Frank 502022-09-24 21:30:51
Perederiy Sergiy0.272022-09-25 13:57:21
Зібрана сума 678.382022-09-27 11:12:21