Quadrocopter for the 43rd brigade

Date of application receipt: 2022-09-28

100 %
Collected: $ 2702.7  
Target: $ 2702.7

Friends, we all know what is bayraktar, javeline, drone and himars.

We now understand how work rangefinders, thermal imaging devices, walkie-talkies and binoculars.

We started to differentiate between the arrivals and departures. And the sound of sirens is like a virus in our lives that will stay with us unfortunately forever.

Hard knowledge, tough times…

How we want peaceful and calm life!

It will definitely happen! The only question is when!

For this to happen sooner we have to help our Ukrainian Armed Forces!

Today we starting to raise money for drone for the heroes from the 43rd brigade. The guys are located to the Donetsk region. They need quadcopter for army intelligence and to perform actions after . Also guys need two Tablets as soon as possible.

Friends let’s donate to our guys for such an important bird! If you also have tablet that you are not using please send it to the guys for very important work.

Every amount is important! Every repost is important!

We want to remind you that in fight for freedom there are no small deeds.

Donate to foundation “All4Ukraine-Support Ukraine”:

IBAN SK8111000000002936108536Sergii SavchenkoPaypal: 2941980@gmail.com

Glory to Ukrainian Armed Forces!

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