Raising money on a very powerful combat bird

Date of application receipt: 2022-09-28

100 %
Collected: $ 23000.84  
Target: $ 13513.51

Friends, we reserved a very powerful combat bird for our army intelligence for the Frontlines 🦅 🇺🇦.
The price of this bird is around $13 000.
Thanks to the auction and funds of the foundation we got a chance to raise around $9000. In order to buy the drone we still need around $4000.
To be honest we haven’t bought this type of device before. For us it’s real challenge and great responsibility.
But when we think what it can do we have goosebumps.
This quadcopter will perform very powerful assignments in order to make the everyday statistics that Ukrainians love so much even better 😉.
Friends please help us raise $4000 more.
This amount becomes a reality of each of our subscribers will donate around $4.
Please join us. And please repost this post.

Donate to foundation “All4Ukraine-Support Ukraine”:

IBAN SK8111000000002936108536
Sergii Savchenko
Paypal: 2941980@gmail.com

Glory to Ukrainian Armed Forces!💪💙💛

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History of donations

Donator Sum ($) Date of donation Transfers
Зібрана сума 21251.142022-09-13 16:25:11
Абламонов13.512022-09-13 16:27:51
Шохіна5.412022-09-13 16:28:20
Кошева 2.72022-09-13 16:28:38
Лазоренко13.512022-09-13 16:28:54
Victoria i Andriy10002022-09-15 01:06:44
Perederiy Sergiy13.512022-09-15 12:54:03
Perederiy Sergiy19.812022-09-15 13:01:27
Perederiy Sergey13.512022-09-15 16:18:26
Зібрана сума 667.732022-09-16 10:47:16Transferred to "Vehicle for the medical personal of the 17th tank brigade"
Marina Druzhynets 502022-09-17 11:26:40
Marina Druzhynets 302022-09-17 11:27:54
Kathy252022-09-20 03:00:49
Meirion Williams 7.032022-09-20 03:45:25