Resuscitation vehicle for the medical service of the military unit A7030

Date of application receipt: 2022-06-11

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Target: $ 10810.81

Today about the most important ! Therefore without adding more words. Friends, we continue to raise money for an ambulance for medical personal from military unit A7030. The guys now located at the frontlines. Where it’s specially “hot”. They need an ambulance As Soon As Possible . The timely evacuation from the battlefield prevents the death of soldiers and can save lives. Without the ambulance to do this is very difficult… Every defender of our country has to come back home alive. It’s the highest priority! Friends please don’t just pass by. We need your help very much  . The ambulance costs around 12,867€. It’s a big amount. But the lives of our heroes is pricier than anything else in the world! On the picture below this text is photo of medical military unit A7030. Please repost this post and if possible join us financially. Any help is important now. Donate to : Paypal: Glory to Military Medical Personal !  

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