2 thermal imagers

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FriendsWe are convinced that there is no one in Ukraine that doesn’t know the battalion of special forces “Azov”.It’s our Ukrainian legendary heroes with their strength and power well known all over the world. One American military magazine called them the strongest battalion on the planet russianfacist are terrified of “Azov” and see them in their worst dreams.These battalion need our help. They need two thermal vision devices. It’s very important device that usually called the night eyes of military. Without it our fighters are mostly blind at night. They need it to fight the enemy which attacking us all day long. With thermal vision googles it’s much easier for our fighters to fight for us.And our united help is very important for our guys .Join us in our donations ! We want to remind you that no donation is too small. Every donation is important.Donate to :IBAN UA363348510000000026003123739 (USD/Euro/PLN)Paypal: 2941980@gmail.comPaysend: +380675036643Slava to Ukraine!Slava to Battalion Azov!

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