Off-road vehicle for the military unit A4699

Date of application receipt: 2023-09-29

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Target: $ 7567.57

One of the main needs at the frontlines are vehicles. Unfortunately vehicles getting lost at the battlefields. One of the “ iron horses” that no longer working has to change the one that is whole and ready for difficult military work.

We are raising funds to purchase SUV for the fighters of artillery devision of military unit A4699 that lost their “ vehicle “ that bravely and faithfully fought with occupiers. Now we have to provide new one instead of the one lost.

It’s becoming more difficult to search for vehicles in Europe for Ukrainian military. Probably, tenth of thousands of European SUV’s and pickup trucks are already fighting in Ukraine or already died here.. It’s becoming even more difficult to fulfill new requests. Everyone is tired. Everyone except the occupiers that ready to fight in a long war. We want freedom and simply just to save our lives. We can’t surrender to them!

Please specify purpose of payment to identify on which request the donation is going towards. Thank you!


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