A war horse for heroes from the 112th Brigade has been transferred


The vehicle for 112th brigade is bought and getting ready to go to frontlines!  One more amazing story with a happy ending Recently we got a request to our foundation from Darina:– My friend together with his son is at the frontlines now. During the combat assignments, russianfacists destroyed their vehicle. The guys are alive and ready to continue fighting.. but without the car to do this is much harder,- told us Darina.We couldn’t just pass by and decided to help   After all in this, is all of Ukraine and its unbreakable sons and daughters. We together with our families go to the frontlines to kick out orcastan from our land. And we don’t put our hands down, even if it’s a question of life or death! Heroic nation of unbreakable country    Guys we are very happy that we could help! We hope the combat horse will serve with hope and truth. And for you please be safe  .Friends, please join the good deeds.We do everything possible that our parents, sons and daughters of our glorified Ukraine come back home alive and well.Donate to foundation “All4Ukraine- Support Ukraine”: Paypal: 2941980@gmail.comGlory to Ukrainian Armed Forces! 

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