Camouflage nets were delivered to the front


Will Weave ! Will Disguise! Will win!Friends, we got a chance to close few requests in one time. Disguise nets and disguise costumes for our heroes on the frontlines .Namely : two disguise costumes went to 110th motorized infantry brigade, two other ones went to 17th brigade and 25 meters of disguise net went to the guys from 25th shooting battalion.Special thanks to girls volunteers, that waved for our guys such an important protection from the bad russianfacists eyes. And of course we thank you to everyone that joined the donations for a material for disguise costumes  .Everything that we deliver to the frontlines for our heroes it is only possible because of you!Every repost and every financial transaction is helping to close the life saving needs of our military.We thankful to everyone! We continue working.Donate to “ All4Ukraine-Support Ukraine” : Paypal: 2941980@gmail.comGlory to Ukrainian Armed Forces! 

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