Meet our helpers – Denis


Often you can hear, to provide for one fighter on the battlefield you need ten people civilian… We can’t confirm or to refute the truth of these calculations. But we can constitute the obvious- without nationwide support to repel the invasion of orcas for our Ukrainian Armed Forces would be many times harder. Every donation- it’s someone’s personal contribution, every closed request- it’s temporary but it’s increases combat capability of particular military unit. Together it’s local advantage on the battlefield . We want to introduce you to one more of our helpers and donator. Whose contribution make the work of Ukrainian Armed Forces easier  .– My name is Denis. I work as top manager in one of the top furniture companies of Ukraine. I remember the 24th of February, the date that changed our lives almost in minutes. I remember when I turned to my colleagues and workers with open letter because I couldn’t personally talk to them…. The worst happened- full scale invasion war started. But my announcement I finished with a frase “ Believe in Ukrainian Armed Forces” !.With this hope I continue to live and work for the sake of good of Ukraine and it’s citizens. The help of volunteers- it’s for me as logical continuation of activities as work is. I just can’t imagine it to be otherwise. This trouble became common for all the people and the whole society. Everyone chose their own front and see how people strive to be better, everyone on their area of responsibility. This is in my mind is the key to our common Victory. I believe it’s very close. Im thankful to our fighters, our volunteers, our people who work in this hard time and still donate some money to support the army! This monolithic nation that we became , Ukrainians is impossible for us to loose – shared his thoughts with us Denis.Denis we thank you for your clear patriotic life position  . And also for powerful support for our army and your good heart  . Exactly because of these patriots we are winning and will win! Friends please join the help for our heroes. Without us it’s very hard for them. For us without them is impossible!Donate to foundation “All4Ukraine- Support Ukraine” : Paypal: 2941980@gmail.comGlory to Ukrainian Armed Forces! 

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