A laser rangefinder for heroes from the 115th Troops Battalion was delivered


You can watch unstoppably three things: fire, something that burning, water that running and photo report from our military  . On the picture above the text are heroes from 115th battalion of territorial defense demonstrating us the laser rangefinder. How happy we are when we get a chance to close the request and deliver the necessity to the frontlines! Even this not a big device ( from looking on it ) laser rangefinder. It’s very helpful to our guys: determines the coordinates, corrects fire and is necessary in intelligence. And it’s very cool to spoil the mood of russianfacists muzzles! Guys you are the best ! Know this Please be safe . We are very much waiting for you ! We continue working. Friends, please join the good deeds, that will make the day of our Victory sooner! Donate to “ All4Ukraine-Support Ukraine” : Paypal: 2941980@gmail.com Glory to Ukrainian Armed Forces! 

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