The car for scouts was delivered


The power in our Ukrainian Armed Forces is in their irresistible desire to protect their home and kick out russians from our native land. And also the power in our fighters is from millions of Ukrainian who standing behind their backs. That cook food, deliver the aid, collecting funds for everything necessary and doing everything that they can so we reach the day of our Victory sooner.We are all united for our common desire for peace on our land.We want to tell you today about this unbelievable special unity of Ukrainians.This story is about Luda and her brother . Her hero brother that protecting our country at the frontlines. The military unit in which he serves need it a vehicle for the combat assignments. To raise the money, quickly find the vehicle and transport to the battlefield for the guys … This assignment was not easy. At first we thought it was not possible to make it work. But if you will not try it. It will not happen.Luda asked people for help. She was impressed when from every corner the caring people responded: relatives, friends,colleagues , friends of friends and strangers … People reposted the posts in social media, donated money for the vehicle and showed an amazing support   .In some time the whole amount was raised. And our foundation helped with a vehicle. The combat horse already at the frontlines.– The guys are very pleased. They say that vehicle letting them solve a lot of important questions- says Luda.We are happy that we could help . We want for every brother, father, husband, beloved, every defender man and woman come back home.We see and we know that our heroes do everything possible and sometimes impossible so we could reach our Day of Victory sooner!   Guys, we are thankful to each one of you  . You are our pride and hope!Friends we continue working, so we could have more stories to share with you. The stories of our future victory.Donate to foundation all4Ukraine: Paypal: 2941980@gmail.comGlory to Ukrainian Armed Forces ! 

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