Monocular for medical staff


We love to write these exact words The request completed! We bought and delivered thermal imaging device for medical staff from 25th infantry battalion. It is already helping to look for wounded on the battlefield and to assess the situation for safe evacuation and first aid help for our fighters. Can you imagine that this small device can fit in the palm of your hand or in your pocket …but because of it the chances of our soldiers surviving is much greater.We are thankful to everyone that joined the donations! Thank you for the help for our protectors at the battlefield!In this video you can see and hear the words of gratitude from our hero to the ones that joined the donations for thermal imaging device.Heart is pounding with joy…Victory will be ours!Donate to:IBAN UA363348510000000026003123739 (USD/Euro/PLN)Paypal: 2941980@gmail.comPaysend: +380675036643Glory to Ukrainian Armed Forces!

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