We thank everyone who helps the foundation


We are thankful to everyone that is helping all4Ukraine to fulfill the requests of our soldiersEverything that you do : donating , reposting the posts and your motivational comments are all making our victory come sooner ! We are grateful to each one of you ! The ones that want to stay anonymous and the ones that want to lead by example supporting the foundation all4Ukraine.Today we want to introduce you to an amazing person that is helping our soldiers by helping our foundation. His name is Sergey. We were lucky that he agreed to give us a short interview.– My name is Sergey, I am an Ukrainian business man. My business is producing concrete. I’m used to being precise in building cities and working on developing the country. At this time our country of Ukraine is being destroyed by russian occupiers. Like many of my colleagues we can’t fully work on our main businesses. And just to stay aside of our nations struggle I can not do. That is why I’m helping Ukrainian Armed Forces and our brave fighters that fighting for our independence. I trust the foundation all4Ukraine because I know the founder Sergii Savchenko myself. I know that all of my donations will be used rationally and will be used on the things that our fighters need it most told us Sergey.Sergey we are very thankful for your generous soul and your big heart! Your support is felt very much.On the picture is Sergey and his daughters   Friends please join in! In the war for freedom there are no small deeds. Every amount is important at this time.Donate to: IBAN UA363348510000000026003123739 (USD/Euro/PLN) Paypal: 2941980@gmail.com Paysend: +380675036643Glory to Ukrainian Armed Forces!

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