The application for 5 laptops for the Armed Forces is closed!



We have great news.

The requests for five notebook computers for Ukrainian Armed Forces are completed! We were able to do this thanks to caring people ! We received four notebook computers from a furniture company Blest. And another notebook we received as a donation from Slava!

To add to the list the team Blest donated five power banks so our fighters would always have a connection. And also two speakers so everyone would hear Ukrainian anthem

On the picture you can see thankful fighters from 95th battalion which can even better do their job thanks to all the donations.

Thank you to everyone that joined us to help!

We are continue working as requests are too many! We are hopeful for your support and help.

Donate to:

IBAN UA363348510000000026003123739 (USD/Euro/PLN)


Paysend: +380675036643

Slava to Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!

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