Sold a watch - bought a pickup truck for the platoon



Do you know the difference between us and russians?

We never take anything that don’t belong to us but what we do is give out everything that is valuable so that our children would live in peaceful and independent Ukraine !

Every Ukrainian doesn’t matter where he or she is giving out everything that was valuable for them yesterday.

Today we want to tell you about special Ukrainian officerBoris Rabyha. Борис Рябуха

Seven years ago a dear friend gave Boris a gift a very valuable watch. Wearing the watch he took pride in it. For Boris this was not only a gift but a sign of real friendship. Every time he would look at his watch he would remember his friend things like these warm up the soul!

Than the war started and Boris Борис Рябуха went to protect his country. Than the war started and Boris went to protect his country. His army unit was very much in need of a pickup truck. It was no time to think the action was required.

Finally the vehicle was found but it was very expansive. Boris didn’t have the funds to pay for the truck so he decided to auction a watch for 70,000 gr and described the goal. After 30 minutes the story overtook the country and after hour and a half the watch was sold. After buyer found out the purpose of the auction he increased a value of the watch to 250,000 gr.

And when the buyer came to get his watch he simply gave the money and return the watch to Boris !

Other caring people helped as well , so our hero raised 400,000 gr that was enough for two pickup trucks with left over for a third one. Only 100,000 plus is need it to get the third pickup truck. By the way these pickup trucks we already purchased and soon Boris will receive them. So friends can we add 100,000 gr to buy a third pickup truck for Boris? Unlike russians the material things for us is not important. The value is in something different. It’s free, independent and blooming Ukraine the one that we together has to protect from russian propaganda.

До речі, ці пікапи ми знайшли, викупили та зовсім скоро передамо Борису.

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