We support Kupol


Maybe being a charity foundation we should just ignore the situation in which the commander of the 46th brigade found himself in. We could say we have nothing to do with politics. Our task is to help the military etc..


We are Ukrainians first of all. We have to protect those who protecting us and not to be silent. Value our patriots and change this world. And not live in the old system. 

We personally know Kupol from 2014. 

Legendary commander who is the role model for his subordinates and combat brothers. Decent and honest. And who is not scared to tell the truth. He’s not scared to lose his rank and to be judged. 

He’s scared of only one thing, to close his eyes on the big problem. The problem that entails dishonesty and death of our military. 

We laugh at the russians that they live in the parallel world and are detached from reality. Why do we ourselves are so scared to see the reality for what it is? 

Isn’t the good feedback of what is happening at war is not important 

to us? 

Yes , truth sometimes is harsh.. 

But it’s a real situation with which we have to work with, instead of staying quiet. And thanks to dedicated patriots who are willing to change this situation instead of take it as is. 

Instead we see something completely different 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏻.

We hope that it’s just unpleasant mistake, that it will get resolved quickly. 

Kupol, our defender we are supporting you ❤️❤️❤️. 

We unbelievably proud of you! We believe you and telling you that you did everything right! 

Glory to AFU!

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