Meet our team - Zoryana Yuriv


Friends, our team is our unbelievable pride 💙💛.

We want to introduce to you Zoryana Yuriv 🌸🇺🇦.

-Everything turned upside down on February 24th. Perplexity, fear, tears, pity and hate. At first it was hard to accept that the full scale war started. The heart was breaking to pieces. Today I feel proud, grateful to our defenders, volunteers and all the Ukrainians. I believe in our Victory! There is no other way! The truth is on our side! It’s our land. That’s why I’m waiting for the day of our Victory with confidence and pride, shared with us Zoryana.

Zoryana and her family live abroad for ten years now. But she couldn’t just pass by the misfortune that came to Ukraine.

With the help of the foundation Zoryana helped to open the shelter for temporary Ukrainian refugees in Bratislava. The shelter has 49 Ukrainians that live there from April until now. Also as a drive helped to drive vehicles for our military to Ukrainian border. She also translating the posts for our foundation in Slovakian daily.

Zoryana you are amazing! Your investment in our future victory is great.

Thank you!
We are unbelievably happy to have you ❤️❤️❤️.

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