Meet our team - Valentina Mihova


Friends, today we want to introduce you to a tender, honest and good hearted Ukrainian girl.

Her name is @Valentina Mihova . She’s a volunteer of our charity foundation. Before the war Valentina was a famous business coach and very successful head of furniture department in the furniture industry.

Valentina know how to see good and love all around us. She’s reflecting about important things and formulating her thoughts in her posts on her page on Facebook. We are sure that someday she will write a book. And this book will be about good nature and motivational like she herself is!

From the beginning of war Valentina like most of the Ukrainians felt new emotions for herself - fear, hate and rage for those who brought rage to our land. That is why today Valentina writes about reality on the pages of our foundation. About war, our defenders, help, necessities and also asking everyone to help the military of Ukraine. She does this very emotionally, generous and from the bottom of her heart.

The girl with big eyes bravely step by step with our heroes walking to our Victory. We are grateful to you our beautiful girl ,for who you are and for everything you do! We love you and very proud of you!

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