Meet our team - Valentina Stepanovska


Friends, we continue to introduce you to the members of our amazing team.

Valentina Stepanovska 🇺🇦🌸.

- Before the full scale russian invasion I was living in Bucha. In the night of February 24th my son woke up with a words” Mom I was dreaming that the war started!”. I calmed him down and said it was only a dream. But after in one hour I woke up from a phone call from my sister. She said that they bombing airport close where she lives. It seemed like my son’s dream was a reality…

We got ready in 15 minutes and were leaving town with explosions near by. From that moment the life turned to be constant moving around. No matter what, I believe in the victory of our country. Without a doubt! We all have to remember that each one of us can bring the day of our victory closer. Join us! United we are strength, shared with us Valentina.

Valentina’s brother today are at the frontlines. In the beginning of the full scale invasion their army unit needed a vehicle. Sergii Savchenko the founder of our foundation helped him without hesitation. From that point on Valentina understood that she wants to help foundation “ All4Ukraine”.

In foundation she does a very important work. She does creations in social media. The pictures for the posts, organizing videos from the military, banners for the websites, thank you layouts and much more. This is all a fantasy and skill of our Valentina!

Valentina thank you for your “ golden” hands and good heart 🙏❤️. Your everyday work in the foundation is bringing the day of our Victory closer.

We happy to have you ❤️❤️❤️

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