The laptop was handed over to the scouts for their daughter


- My friend Harri from Twitter wants to send a notebook for army intelligence. Please contact him told,- us Yevgenia.

In three hours this young man gave us notebook and after two hours we sent this notebook to the guys on the frontlines 💪💙💛.

We are very thankful to Harri and the foundation Ukraine Aid Operations who helped us to fulfill the request for notebook for army intelligence located to Donetsk region 🙏 ❤️.

And we also very thankful to our Yevgeniya Leshchenko that everyday is fighting informational fight on Twitter for our freedom and independence.

Thanks to her work many people from around the world getting information about the war in our country and work of our foundation All4Ukraine-Support Ukraine.

Friends if you think that repost don’t work just look at this story! Everything works if you do it systematically and honestly. And with great love for your native country ❤️🇺🇦.

We continue working!

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