Meet our team - Victoria Semenets


Friends today is Sunday and we continue to introduce you to the members of our unbelievable team ❤️.

Victoria Semenets 🌸 ❤️.

-I got woken up on February 24th from the explosions. The full scale war started in my country. Together with my daughter I spent one week in the shelter in Kyiv. Constant sirens, explosions and fear for the life of my child forced me to leave the country. Two months I spent in Bratislava. I’m thankful to Slovakia and it’s people for support and unbelievable warmth with which they took us in. But whole two months I dreamed of our Victory and returning home. That’s why already at the end of April I returned to my native Kyiv. I’m proud of my people, like never before! We are free and brave nation. We have the best protectors in the world! We will receive the victory for sure- shared her thoughts with us Victoria.

Victoria has a very serious job in the foundation. She is in charge of accounting of all the donations, engaged in finding necessary items for the military and purchasing the orders received 💪👍.

Victoria has a great character trait. Which is persistence. She always finds everything our military needs, even if it is not available 😄.

Vika you are unbelievable! Thank you for your big investment in our united future Victory!

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