Meet our team - Serhii Bacherikov


Friends, we with great pleasure continue to introduce you to the members of our team.

Сергій Бачеріков 💪🇺🇦.

- My life has changed dramatically after February 24th. I thought over a lot of things. My life started to have different meaning, to be more exact I started to look at the world differently. More hate came into a picture. Hate for our enemy…But together with this you starting to value life more. In order to win over our enemy, every Ukrainian has to join the fight on their own front. I believe in the Ukrainian Victory. We just don’t have another choice…Thousands of years our language was called “ small version of russian language” and us Ukrainians “ small people” offensive terms the russians use to describe us. Our blood was shed for centuries for our independence. The time came once and for all to end this. After all the truth is on our side and we are on our land. We are harvesters and we are pleased to welcome every guest. We will treat our invited guests with vareniki (dumplings)and borsch (red soup). But everyone that will come on our land with a sword will die from that sword - shared his thoughts with us Sergii.

Sergii has a very serious and important task in our foundation: website development, it’s functions and informational replenishment. Thanks to Sergii people all over the world are getting to know the work of our foundation and helping Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Sergio we are very happy that you are a part of our team. Thank you for your great investment in our future Victory 🙏🇺🇦.

You are unbelievable!

Glory to Ukrainian Armed Forces!💪💙💛

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