Meet our team - Serhiy Perediriy


Traditional Sunday rubric “ Our team”. 

Friends , we want to introduce you to Sergey Perederiy 💪🇺🇦

- On February 24th I was woken up with a phone call from my father with a words “ The war started”. At first I didn’t believe it and though maybe it was just explosion of something commercial. But I was wrong. I live in Kharkiv and for the past five months I didn’t leave the city. My profession is internet marketer. So from the first day I stated to work on the informational front. I believe that we will have victory for sure! Ukraine is 30 times smaller than our enemy but already six months proudly defending itself. Not only defending but also showing a great effort by punching them in a face. Ukraine for me is like a young fighter with a light weight that went to the ring to fight against the fighter with heavy weight and 20 rounds in a row is winning the fight. My faith in Ukrainian Armed Forces is strong like never before - shared his thoughts with us Sergey. 

Sergey is in charge of commercials and promoting our website. Thanks to his work. A lot of people in Ukraine and overseas learning about our foundation. Also he identifies the internet bots 🐷 in the comments on our internet pages and gives all the facts of our work to validate us. 

Sergey your investment in our foundation and future victory of Ukraine is huge! Thank you for everything! 

We are happy , that we have you on our team 💙💛

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IBAN SK8111000000002936108536 

Sergii Savchenko


Glory to Ukrainian Armed Forces!💪💙💛

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