Hello from the front line


- Thank you so much for the vehicle. If you only knew from what a****s it helped us to get out! Every time in these situations we remember you and very thankful for the help. We feel your support. It’s very motivational to fight further- told us our military. 

From the beginning of full scale invasion we received a request from the sister of the military soldiers who are located to the frontlines now. The guy is the operator of a UAV. His army unit need it a vehicle as soon as possible. In was winter outside and the guys were driving old soviet car to the combat assignments. That old car didn’t have any heat and was always breaking down. Besides all this, the military would go to assignments day and night in any kind of weather. Often were getting cold and getting sick…

Our foundation helped and the car went to the frontlines. Now every time the guys can they send us a hello and the words of thank you for the car. And also that we care and don’t forget about them. 

On this photo is our hero and legendary vehicle that helping our guys a lot. 

Guys please take care of yourselves and let the car protect you as always. 

Thank you for the news from the frontlines 🙏💙💛

We are very proud of you and waiting on you home ❤️ 

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Sergii Savchenko

Paypal: 2941980@gmail.com 

Glory to Ukrainian Armed Forces!💪💙💛

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