The story of Kateryna Galushka


History profession by education, paramedic by following her heart. Confident in herself , brave, strong-willed, talented military medical personnel Katerina Galyshka. She told us the first time she went to the frontlines. How she found real love and how she lives now. 

Tell us how you became the paramedic?

 It happened around three years ago. I was motivated to join the war, after I worked as a volunteer in the military hospital where I had a lot of conversations with our military. There I got discovered for myself an understanding what is war and why it has such an important meaning for us. Because when the war started I was seventeen year old child who couldn’t understand much. I was looking for options for myself by looking at contracts. At some point I found a Facebook ad about school of medical personnel called “ Hospittaliers “. It said that schooling will look like where the combat will take place so I decided before I sign the contract I have to do training.I went to seven day training and completed it. It was an amazing experience where I liked everything. 

After intense learning Katerina went on her first rotation. It changed everything.

After my first rotation where I met the most unbelievable people. I decided that my place is in “Hospittaliers “ because here worked some amazing people. And second of all I realized what an important work paramedics do. There are shortage of them and they are very needed. Thanks to the coaches of Hospittaliers many paramedics become even better qualified and it’s not a lot of them either ,so I decided to stay. To participate in shootings is not for me but to be paramedic I discovered it fits me well.&nbs

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