Collected funds for an ambulance and a trailer


Friends, do you remember when we were raising money for an ambulance and a trailer for military medical staff?

So here it is  thanks to charity organization Україна в Броні/ Ukraine in Armor we were able to close the request for the medical personal! These amazing volunteers raised money for an ambulance. Bought it in Italy and delivered to Ukraine and transported to the medical staff. We bought the trailer and these beauties went to save our heroes.

Military medics of military unit A7030 received an ambulance! The guys are very grateful to everyone in helping to fight our enemy.

Great appreciation to our military medical staff . Thank you to everything that you do in helping to preserve the lives of our military by constantly risking your own lives.

We bow to you!

We also want to show our respect and gratefulness to our colleagues from “ Ukraine in armor” and also to Потьомкін Євген

Together we are force!

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Glory to Ukrainian Armed Forces!

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