Meet our team – Rostyslav Sholomok


We continue to introduce you to the members of our unbelievable team.

Rostyslav Sholomok

– On February 24th I felt the whole spectrum of evens of the full scale invasion. Explosions, sirens, shock, panic… My house is located by the military unit. I had to leave Kyiv for the short period of time. In that moment I realized that material things don’t mean anything to me anymore. But old photos.. I felt bad leaving it behind for some reason. Because these are my personal memories of peaceful and happy life. I’m sure that we will win. Ukrainians are nation of titans. And now we are united like never before. Our army showed their professional and unreal motivation in the fight for our independence. Our enemy showed their stupidity and disgust- shared his thoughts with us Rostyslav.

Ross is responsible for the very important part in our foundation promoting our foundation on internet. From the start of our foundation All4Ukraine this young man in the first hour created an amazing team of marketing professionals, designer and others. They all work for us and show amazing results.

Rostyslav thank you for your unbelievable investment in the work of our foundation and our future Victory of Ukraine!

We believe that very soon you will be able to do a lot of great things in our peaceful life.

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Glory to Ukrainian Armed Forces!

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