History about hospitalist Orusa


Cheerful, sincere , brave these qualities describe our volunteer medic Orusa. From the beginning of war she kept busy. She was working in one of the hospitals in Lviv where she took care of badly wounded soldiers and was bringing them back to life. Today the girl is serving in the volunteer medical battalion name “ Hospittaliers”. They are helping everyone that need help at the frontlines. Being home on rotation now in her native city Orusa told us where she was when the full scale war started. And how she made a decision to go to the frontlines and how her parents reacted to her decision.  Please tell us how you became a paramedic I learned about paramedical medicine long ago. Before the full scale invasion I took courses in ( medical help courses, first aid help during war). When in February 24th everything started I realized unfortunately the skills that I received I would have to put to use.   What do you do in medical volunteer battalion “ Hospittaliers”? Together with my colleagues we evacuating wounded from the battlefield. During the evacuation we perform first aid help.   Where were you when the war started in 02/24? I study in Ukrainian catholic university that is where I live as well. That is why when the war started I was in campus together with 500 other students. This panic that happened I will never forget it.  Where you expecting the full scale invasion?Of coures. The war in Ukraine is still goin on for many years , that’s why this was meant to happen.      5.What made you decide to stand up to defend the country? Today everyone has to make this decision, understand, where you can join to help the country so we could win. I have knowledge in paramedic that’s why I made a decision that here on the frontlines I will be very useful.   What did you say to your loved ones?In my family about my decision to go to the frontlines I only told my sister. I told my parents in the third day of rotation. They reacted like parents of son or daughter that going to the frontlines. They didn’t accept everything but we getting there together.  Please tell us what are you impressed by the most in volunteering?At war and in our battalion the most impressive is our sincere respect for each other. There is no place for such a things as “ you are a woman go make borsch “.There is a feeling of unity. Everyone understands that every second something can strike and that’s it. We very often tell “Happy Birthday” to each other because each day is priceless. That is why I value time and people.  What do you see the most in your work at the frontlines ?If it is not trauma during battlefield, it’s a “ pain in the back, can you take my blood pressure“. If it is during battlefield it’s brain injury, serious wounds, amputations, concussions, broken bones. It could be anything.   What is need it today for the paramedics at the frontlines?We have everything. Thanks to volunteers, people who are donating to our victory. Everything that our battalion will need you can see on our official page in social media “ Hospittaliers “.  Please tell us about an interesting thing that happened during your volunteering? Funny and interesting things are many. But I will tell you about one that raised the spirits of the whole team and all the military soldiers around. We gave our driver Gary white underwear.I think everyone understands that white underwear it’s only for holidays but not at war. All of my Instagram followers understood that Gary needs underwear and sent him underwear- parachute with a flower pattern with a saying” who has a big butt, will shoot the russian scum”. Thank you to volunteers for your letters and messages.

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