A drone for 30 separate mechanized brigades has been delivered


We want to start a day with some great news!

The drone for the 30th separate mechanized brigade was bought and delivered 

– We want to say thank you and shake your hands ourselves for everything you do for the military – told us guys.

Friends, just think! The guys came to say thank you to us .. it should us be thanking them everyday, every minute, every second  

Our dear defenders, please take care of yourselves. Let this drone help to see our enemy better and kick them out of our land.

By the way, the significant amount for this drone raised the workers from furniture company Blest – М’які меблі .

We want to say thank you to everyone that didn’t pass by and helped the guys from the 30th separate mechanized brigade.

This exactly how united work looks like. Close request and less russianfacists in our near future.

We continue to work for our common Victory.

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Glory to Ukrainian Armed Forces!

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