The story of one hero – Vyacheslav


The history of our hero Vycheslav started long ago before the full scale invasion. He went to get a contract with an army as a volunteer in the third year of university. He wanted to be like his cousin. His cousin was defending his country and died in Piski ( Donetsk region). After Vycheslav got training he was assigned to the 95th brigade and 13th battalion. In the beginning of December 2017 the brave defenders were in Avdievka ( prom zone). Second rotation the military started from Avdievka as well but after 1,5 months they changed a location. After the Ukrainian ships were captured in the Black Sea the military was sent to shores of Berdiansk and Melitopl. There together with their combat brothers our defenders waited for the enemy intelligence that back than didn’t show up. Today we have war again the only difference it’s full scale now. Our defender remembers when he came to military unit and wanting again to join his unit and go to zero frontline. To specify it’s the closet contact with an enemy to do a clean out. But in the military unit he was told that buses with his combat brothers left and to get one fighter there is impossible because of the fights at Zhitomer highway. They offered for him to wait few days until they find a way to get around it. But he didn’t want to wait and asked to be assigned to any other combat unit. After quickly made decision he was placed in the artillery unit. And even it’s not his type of fighting. Vycheslav told us, today almost everyone are doing not what they used to do.With optimistic voice he says in today’s conditions you have to quickly learn some new skill. At home for him waiting his parents, brother, sister and loving girlfriend. He said that his father new his character and also new that he would go to war not waiting for the notification. There on the frontlines in the dangerous zones you don’t know what to expect from the enemy. Our hero says that in the beginning of full scale invasion russia sent his inside units to Ukraine. But today these fighters are experienced and the ones that fought in Seria. As an example he told us a story. In 15 kilometers from the front lines the 5 subversive intelligent groups were captured. They worked at group “ Vagnera”. On Ukrainian territory they changed into Ukrainian army uniforms, they had Ukrainian documents. They knew our passwords and they spoke Ukrainian well. Vycheslav told us that we can’t underestimate the enemy. They are strong and have a lot more weapons and army personal than us. The most important thing that our defenders need are heavy weapons. The modern weapons that they receive from the western partners seems to finish very quickly. Today the army is standing thanks to volunteers. He said,” if there were no volunteers it would be very difficult “. We can’t relax now but we have to step up in helping the military because there is full scale war in the country. We have to pull everything together and work on maximum. Instead of buying the pack of cigarettes it’s better to donate that money to the military told us Vycheslav.

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