The story of one hero – Serhiy


War, love, the loss of combat brothers, traumas and war again. All of this is about our defender Sergii. He went to war as volunteer fighter in the memory of his friend who died defending Luhansk airport.Telling us this story Sergii remembering his friend Toshika, that wanted to be like him. He always said: “ Sergii I will be like you. We together will celebrate August 2nd( Day of Ukrainian Armed Forces). I will get the same tattoo as you, you will be my brother”.After his friend died Sergii started to defend his native land at the age of 24.The first person he met was lieutenant Dmitro. He was not only his combat brother but also became his friend. Together they shoulder by shoulder came not an easy way. Sergii felt that he can do more and give better results. And that he did. He fixed many cars. He also met the love of his life being at that time in Anti Terrorist Operations. And after they were transfer to infantry that was based in Taramchytzi ( East of Ukraine). And even though at that time it was no war but it was Secret Subversive Groups, snipers and shootings. That’s where he and his girlfriend tried to survive. Because separatists were very close. Like Sergii said with occupiers it was like duel of machine gunners.Sergii remembers that silent mode was not followed by the separatists. This silent mode that everyone was so actively talked about. During our talk our defender told us more about his brave combat brothers. He remembers where he was, when the full scale war started. It happened in one of block posts in Luhansk region. The Ukrainian defenders stood their to the last minute but their battalion was destroyed by the occupiers. Our defender was saved on his position by the senior leitenant Sergii Kolesnick together with Victor Otzerklevich with knickname “ Strong”. He had a big war experience. After serving in the army he quit in 2010 and worked in a mine “ Kriviy Rig Iron Steel plant”.From 2015 to 2016 he was fighting in Anti Terrorist Operation. In the December he signed a contract to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He fought not far from Donetsk airport and other “hot spots”. He served in the 54th separate mechanized brigade.In April of 2022 capitan deputy commander of the 17th separate tank brigade name Konstantina Pestyshka. His brigade heroically defended the attack of russianfacists. Thanks to their help it was destroyed a lot of russian army units, around 100 military vehicles, including tanks and combat vehicles and personal that tried to lead the crossing to Sever Donetsk.Strong with the price of his life saved his combat brothers. He died from the hands of russianfacists. Victor ( his real name) left behind a wife and two small daughters. Segii remembering his combat brothers told us : “ He was more than a person. When I heard his voice through walkie-talkies I felt come. And I always knew that everything will be fine. “ Strong” was fantastic”.The guys that stayed in the block post in Luhansk region was real liders of our nation. They were the best sons of their country. Now they are defending their relatives, friends, combat brothers, country from heaven. Our hero announcing that everyone that gives his life for the peace in our country should not be forgotten. And their familiars have to feel support from every Ukrainian.After all the war comes in every house and touches everyone. Our defenders are thankful to every volunteer that defending our country with them!

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