Meet our team – the founder of the All4Ukraine volunteer fund Serhii Savchenko


Friends we decided to introduce you to the team of charity foundation All4Ukraine closer. We want to start this introduction from Sergii Savchenko.It’s the founder of volunteer organization All4Ukraine, Ukrainian entrepreneur, volunteer with big experience, loving husband and the father of three sons.– From 2014 until 2016 I actively worked as volunteer in the charity foundation “ Come back alive”. I started my volunteer journey with Vitaliy Deynega. I visited our military and Anti Terrorist Operation on the East of Ukraine for around 15 times bringing volunteering aid. From that time I have a lot of military friends and big volunteering experience. I know where to buy everything that need it and how to deliver it to the frontlines. From the beginning of full scale invasion I realized that only my work alone will not be enough. I got a chance to unite our patriots in Bratislava, Warsaw , Uzhorod and Kiev. That’s how group of people formed into foundation that we today call All4Ukraine. And soon enough it became to be systemic work. Now we are accepting request from our military for : pickup trucks, walkie-talkies, ammunition, thermal imaging devices , gun scopes and much more…a lot of different positions we try to fulfill. And after we starting to raise money for these requests. We actively using social media, paid commercial, reposting the posts amount friends and colleagues. If it would be a puzzle it looks like every item transported to the frontlines is fulfilling its function there and helping at the battlefield. I understand that our help could be summarized in tenth of destroyed enemies and their equipment. And also tenth or hundreds of saved lives of our military. Is this a lot or a little? It’s all relative. It’s defiantly not in vein- shared with us Sergii.Friends , we will continue to introduce to you the members of our team. Because these people are also fighting for our freedom in their own front.Please follow our publication and help Ukrainian Armed Forces! 💙 💛Donate to foundation “All4Ukraine-Support Ukraine” : IBAN SK8111000000002936108536 Sergii Savchenko Paypal: 2941980@gmail.comGlory to Ukrainian Armed Forces!💪💙💛

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