The story of one hero – Boris


He was born in Crimea. He swore oath of alligence and truth to Ukraine. And he stayed true to his oath. This is a story of a comander name Boris of Kharkiv National University of Airforce.  He told us his story by telling us, how 17 years ago he chose his way by defending his country when at that time it was not a popular choice.He served in anti-aircraft missile army unit in Ukrainian Armed Forces in Crimea.. Even after annexation of Crimea he left the island and transferred to the Ukrainian land. After he fought in Donetsk Airport, Piski and Vyglegorsk. In 2017 he came back from the frontlines to Kharkiv where in the airforce university he worked and was teaching students to become leutanants.  He was at work when full scale invasion started. And again he took in the weapons to start defending his now native Kharkiv.He didn’t expect the war to be to such an extent , he told us during our talk. His wife and daughters left their home to move to another city on February 24th. They are waiting for their victory where their father and husband are defending their land with his combat brothers in the russian-Ukrainian war.Today there are no occupiers in Kharkiv but the first capital of Ukraine is under constant missile shootings. In some Kharkiv regions their are heavy fighting going on. Boris says that his army unit is preparing everything to meet the enemy “The enemy is strong and insidious, he says. You can expect anything from the enemy. The only chance we have is to destroy them physically.”” If I had a chance to see putin my hands wouldn’t even tremble to put the end to russian- Ukrainian war.”The most important for defenders of Ukraine is support and weapons. Weapons that in such shortage at the frontlines. Specially new weapons of Western samples, told us Boris.Even without necessary weapons, sleep and horrible living conditions – Ukrainian military continues to stand for independence and sovereignty of Ukraine. 

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